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Cadastral Registration in Riyadh, Eastern and Qaseem Regions

Al Ula

Al Ula Digital Twin 


Mipmap has provided consultancy services to its partner Geotech Overseas for the Al Ula Digital Twin project.

Al Ula (RCU) Historical & Archaeological Mapping
Defining and Building 3D GIS (23,000 km )


The Al Ula Digital Twin Project, which operated from 2020 to 2023, included a wide range of activities and outcomes. It began with thorough system design and the gathering of existing data. Notable aspects of the project were 1/20.000 scale mapping that included orthophoto, land use/land cover, and wadi evaluations. For DEM/DSM contouring, LIDAR imagery was used. The project also included 5cm drone and 10cm aerial imagery, allowing for 1/1000 scale mapping such as orthophoto, DEM/DSM, contouring, and cadastral surveys. The creation of 3D smart geospatial data modeling and analysis, which improved spatial comprehension, was a crucial advance. Furthermore, the project focused on the creation of a geodatabase, GIS/LIS, and a geoportal to improve data management and access. Overall, the Al Ula Digital Twin Project displayed geospatial technological excellence and data utilization.

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