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Facilities Management

MipMap's IoT and Facility Management Solution combined with ESRI Indoors can carry the institutions into the next frontier of innovative spatial management solutions.

GIS helps employees optimize the workplace at every level, from complex tasks such as improving safety and efficiency to simply locating the right equipment. Facility mapping with real-time facility data has revolutionized the way managers understand and manage workplaces.  


By using geospatial data to map the condition of a building, it's possible to identify improvements to create a great place to work. This geographic approach strengthens operations and helps with employee attraction and retention while increasing productivity.

Our technology owes its novelty and power to а ground-up focus оп а flexible workflow саге that brings not only the technical experts but also the stakeholders, management, and visitors into facility management.


You will find, in nо time, that our loT and Facility Management Solution is flexible enough to handle real-time spatial management requirements in а variety of elements such as factories, offices, universities, hospitals, and more.

Benefits to Facility Management

  • Provides a clear view of the geographical location of assets and resources

  • Enables better maintenance and management planning

  • Provides better data for managing energy and optimizing resources

  • Facilitates the use of geographic data for emergency planning and security measures

  • Indoor Navigation

  • Optimal Space Management

  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Increase service delivery speed and quality

  • Real-time common operating picture

  • Monitor activities with dashboards


Application Areas

  • Universities

  • Factories

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial Parks

  • Defense Facilities

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