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MipMap’s IoT solution is a full vertical IoT technology stack that includes IoT hardware, edge coding, communication layer components, workflow module, content management system, and mobile field applications.

Our technology owes its novelty and power to a ground-up focus on a flexible workflow core that brings, not just technical experts, but all stakeholders from company management to field operators and visitors into facility management. 

mockup IoT Framework

IoT Framework

         Data Hub

  • Edge support for sensors and other IoT devices

  • Collect data from sensors (on-site to the cloud accessible), internal data sources, and even external data services such as weather reports

  • API-based integration to existing systems like SCADA and ERP solutions

  • Continuous monitoring and injecting into big-data


Monitoring storage conditions and automatically triggering checks when certain values are reached (i.e., temperature rise in cold storage). 


         Process Digitalization

  • Digitalize business workflow

  • Create tasks triggered by sensor values

  • Add the 'human element' to IoT 

  • Reports and dashboards

IoT 1

Your custom workflows allow you to customize what field operators do during these checks as well as provide warning to supervisors if the tasks are not completed in time. Workflow Management

Evoled Workflow Management covers the full spectrum of IoT applications from the application site hardware to cloud-accessible expert decision system. You may either use hardware or register your own hardware.

Possibly, the most neglected part of IoT solutions is the ability to define field requirements, which include sensors as well as people.


You can use to define rules and workflows to handle your requirements.

Adding the human element to IoT should be more than sending notifications.’s customizable mobile app allows for direct feedback and interaction from the field.


Enter into the IoT world in only 3 steps


We can make your current devices smarter or install new devices to suit your needs.


Let's define rules and processes that prevent loss, increase efficiency, and add new capabilities to your business


Control is yours. Stay one step ahead in the world of IoT by repeating steps 1 and 2 to continually promote growth, productivity and security

Your IoT system must allow you to create a knowledge base for making better decisions. Using, you will be capable of:

  • Automatically generating custom reports from your workflows,

  • Running analysis and populating models with results,

  • Forcing data entry as part of workflows.

You can even keep a history of your on-site elements, such as:

  • When and how often a light fixture was repaired

  • Which pests were detected at a farm or

  • Temperature profile of concrete at a construction.

IoT Framework

As a Platinum Partner we can bundle with Esri's geospatial ecosystem to create a highly effective solution for smart facility management. This bundle supports both locations without existing facility management systems, as well as integrating with IBM, Cisco and similar FM solutions to further enhance their capacity.

ArcGIS Indoors


  • Indoor positioning and routing

  • Efficient use of space

  • Expert system integration (IBM, Cisco, etc.)

  • Dashboard screens and floor plan site status summary

  • Asset management using sensors

  • Remote monitoring of indoor conditions

  • Workflow definitions and automated task assignment

  • Reporting and analysis


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