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Architecture, Engineering
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Digital Twin Technology

GIS-BIM integration extends the benefits of GIS to indoor environments. Digital Twin facilitates the design and maintenance of interiors by enabling the accurate layout of building systems, furniture, and occupancy planning.


GIS and BIM Integration

Digital transformation in the AEC industry requires that professionals share geospatial and design data. MipMap has pioneered the use of GIS to solve problems and is integrating building information modeling (BIM) and location intelligence to drive improvements in the industry.

The integration of GIS and BIM extends the benefits of GIS to the indoor environment. By enabling accurate layout of building systems, furniture, and occupancy planning, it facilitates the design and maintenance of the interior environment.

GeoBIM for AEC

ArcGIS GeoBIM is a cloud-based solution that dynamically links to the source, simplifying how project teams display, manage, and store project information.


Customer-Centric Approach

Our solutions include features that allow you to share your insights, suggestions, and concerns. We are committed to incorporating your input into the project's development, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.

Clear Project Objectives

Whether you're looking to develop a new product, enhance an existing service, or embark on a groundbreaking venture, our tools enable you to communicate your vision seamlessly.


Real-time Updates

You will receive real-time updates on milestones, timelines, and any potential roadblocks. This transparency ensures that you are always in the loop, allowing for timely decision-making.

Tailored Solutions

Our applications can be adapted to your specific project requirements. Whether it's adjusting project parameters, tracking different aspects of your work, or accommodating unique workflows, our tools are flexible to serve your needs.

Collaboration Made Easy

Our solutions facilitate seamless collaboration between team members, departments, and external partners. Everyone involved in the project can access the information they need, fostering teamwork and innovation.


Business Areas

  • Design and Engineering

  • Construction Magament

  • Indoor Mapping

  • Asset Management

  • Environmental Management

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