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Asset Management

Asset management is the process of effectively managing a company's equipment, machinery...

This includes the maintenance, use, monitoring, and optimization of the assets.

Asset management helps organizations to reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time.

Real-Time Asset Tracking System

A comprehensive system that utilizes IoT technology and advanced tracking mechanisms to monitor and manage assets, including critical equipment, within a facility.


It provides real-time visibility, location tracking, and condition monitoring of assets, enabling proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime, and optimizing operational efficiency for enhanced facility management and cost-effectiveness.

asset tracking
personel tracking

Personnel Tracking System

A comprehensive system leveraging IoT technology for accurate tracking, management, and workforce optimization of personnel within a facility.

personel tracing

This solution provides real-time visibility of personnel locations, enables access control, streamlines scheduling and task allocation, enhances safety protocols, and optimizes workforce productivity, ensuring efficient workforce management, enhanced security, and streamlined operations for smart facility management.  

The system leverages IoT sensor technology, including BLE beacons and gateways, to enable precise tracking and management of assets, empowering facility managers to optimize asset utilization.


Maintenance and repair planning

Asset management with GIS enables better planning of maintenance and repair of equipment on the basis of geographical data. As a result, equipment downtime is minimized, and productivity increases.

Resource optimization

GIS supports organizations in the optimization of asset utilization. For example, geographic analysis can be used to determine the best locations for warehouses or facilities.

As a result, GIS and asset management collaboration offer organizations the opportunity to integrate geographic data into their asset management processes for better decision-making, cost reduction, and sustainability goals.

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