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Geographical Information System (GIS)

Install & Configuration


MipMap's tailored ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise system architecture enables seamless data management, sharing, and remote access, empowering your organization to efficiently handle and access your data from anywhere.

Installation Configuration

       For the configure a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment:

      - Create the Portal for ArcGIS Site

      - Create the Server site

      - Configure Server and Portal with the Web Adaptor

      - Register Data Store with Server

      - Importing SSL certificate to Portal for Site and Server

      - Configuring Portal and Server with the WebContext URL

      - Federating Portal for Site and Server


Data Migration

Data Migration

MipMap has specialties on Data Migration and Data Management

Data migration is required when your organization upgrades systems, moves to cloud services, or merges data.


It requires a thorough and risk-free approach to maintain data integrity and consistency.

Data Migration Process

Based on a comprehensive analysis of your existing data, our extensive experience from numerous migration projects enables us to formulate a solid plan for your project. 

Not only do we analyze the data model and the type, volume, and quality of the inventory data, but we also assess whether the source system interacts with other systems.


Reference Projects:

National Water Company (NWC), Jeddah/Saudi Arabia – Utility Surveys Project: Utility surveys (water and waste-water) of about 13.500 km, the establishment of a utility database for AM/FM applications (2014-2015).

Makkah/Saudi Arabia – Utility Surveys Project: Utility surveys of about 3.000 km, the establishment of a utility database for AM/FM applications (2015-2018).

System Integration & Software Development

System Integration

We provide tailored expert solutions in:

  • GIS Database Application Development,

  • Software Development,

  • IT Infrastructures,

  • Big Data,

  • Business Intelligence,

  • Analysis,

  • Data Warehouses,

  • Cybersecurity,

  • Mobile and Geospatial Analysis


Our comprehensive solutions include full managed services.

Based on our innovative management and technical approach, we deliver better, faster and more cost-effective services to our customers.

Customized ArcGIS Applications

Customized ArcGIS Applications

MipMap customizes your existing ArcGIS applications, creating the required add-ins, plugins, and widgets to best manage your spatial data according to your needs.


By tailoring your existing ArcGIS applications, MipMap ensures that they seamlessly integrate with your workflow, providing a tailored user experience that enhances spatial data management.

MipMap's expertise empowers you to harness the full potential of your spatial data within your ArcGIS applications, unlocking new possibilities for data analysis, decision-making, and collaboration.

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