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Cadastral Registration 


Mipmap has provided consultancy services to its partner Geotech Overseas for the Cadastral Registration project.

Kingdom-Wide Geospatial Data Acquisition and Mapping  (Zone – A)

The Neom Geospatial Infrastructure (PIF) Project, which has been in operation since 2023, is divided into two major parts. LOT-1 focuses on the development of a complete base imagery and mapping foundation. This entails acquiring high-resolution images by aerial and drone technologies, with a remarkable 0.10-meter Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). Following that, picture processing and correction are carried out, which results in the compilation of Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM), as well as the production of orthoimages. This fundamental step is refined further by feature extraction, field verification, and data completeness. In LOT-2, the project focuses on developing a reference layer with an emphasis on characteristics, integrity checks, and parcel topology. These continuing initiatives demonstrate the Neom Geospatial Infrastructure Project's dedication to developing a comprehensive and accurate geospatial framework.

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